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Welcome to Coffman and Company, P.C.

Since 1987, we have earned trust and exceeded expectations of our clients by building and maintaining strong, lasting relationships. Our winning combination of knowledge, expertise and the latest technology helps us stay on top of the ever-changing needs of the businesses and individuals we serve.

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Accounting and Auditing Services

With accounting and auditing services ranging anywhere from an audit to agreed-upon procedures, we can provide our clients a wide range of services to suit their specific needs.

Accounting Outsourcing

Coffman and Company, P.C. can provide a wide range of accounting outsourcing services to small businesses. While outsourcing these services to us, the small business owners can then concentrate on their business while having peace of mind their accounting services are in good hands. This enables the client to become more productive and efficient in their accounting processes and also save money as opposed to hiring a full-time accounting employee. Our staff has experience in providing clients with detailed and timely accounting services to greater increase the profitability of small businesses.


At Coffman and Company, P.C., we strive to assist our clients to reach their full potential. The shareholders and staff of Coffman and Company have significant experience and knowledge from growing their own businesses to enable clients in developing a plan to grow their business.

Specialized Services

Coffman and Company, P.C. offers a variety of services other than listed elsewhere. Listed below are services related to affordable housing tax credits which our firm has many years of experience and expertise.

Payroll Services

We can tailor the payroll services we offer to fit the needs of your business. Our services range from processing direct deposit payments and/or printing payroll checks to filing quarterly and annual payroll tax returns.


In a rapidly changing environment, our clients depend on us to help them remain compliant with an increasingly-complex set of rules and regulations, while minimizing their tax burden by taking advantage of every opportunity the tax code allows. We are able to do this by keeping abreast of the latest tax rules, regulations, and enforcement strategies, and continually thinking of how these can be applied to our clients.

Industries We Serve

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